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Orlando, FL– The Randolph High School Competition Cheerleading team earned 3rd place in the Super Varsity Game Day Division at the National High School Cheerleading Championship at ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida.

“We were able to perform a FLAWLESS routine,” boasted Head Coach Kim Moreno, “The team’s perseverance and hard work all season has definitely paid off.”

Jessica Freund, captain, went on to say, “I am incredibly proud of the hard work all of my teammates put into the routines at every practice and competition leading up to Nationals. We were so lucky this year to have such a talented coaching staff, supportive athletic department, and amazing parents who made this trip and our success possible.” Captain Alejandra Roman added, “It was great growing with the team since our freshman year and it's amazing to see a team of 12 girls turn into 32.”

Another Captain, Taylor Stoia, commented, “This year's Nationals experience was the best way to end my cheerleading career. All of the tough times and sacrifices we made really paid off. We had early morning practices, fought through injuries, and were all 100% dedicated to the sport. Getting to finals was our goal but coming out with a medal and being top three in the country was the greatest feeling in the world." Stoia continued, "Our entire year of work culminated in one three-minute performance and I couldn't be happier with the results. We all felt like a team and knowing everyone had to do their job in order to succeed created such a tight bond. I love our ‘Ramily’ and everything we've accomplished together and I'm beyond blessed to be the captain of such an amazing team.”

Below is a list of the competitive cheer team members:

Alessandra, Natasha

Barbiere, Jenna

Brenner, Phoebe

Brockman, Olivia

Colardeau, Christina

Collins, Alana

Esposito, Gia

Freund, Jessica

Freund, Sarah

Grassano, Krista

Iannacconi, Alexa

Leflein, Jamie

Louro, Cali

Madia, Hannah

Marciano, Barbara

Moreno, Jalen

Nodine, Jessica

Nodine, Nicole

Pepe, Julia

Roman, Alejandra

Ruhalter, Sarah

Ruiz, Malina

Samsel, Katrina

Sawyer, Blake

Schlusberg, Kate

Stoepel, Isabella

Stoia, Taylor

Swayze, Emma

Traub, Daniela

Tully, Emily

Vanderbilt, Olivia

Young, Shelby

(Written by Lynn Stoia, reprinted from TAP Into Randolph)

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